How to Join

Joining the GOF is easy. All it takes is a small commitment:

To follow our principles

To contribute as you can – time, talent, or funding

To report your progress

Joining the GOF sends a strong signal that you care about the skill needs of workers and are doing something to help. Our community can attend GOF events, learn from other members, and use materials developed and curated by GOF. Working as a group, we can influence societal policies and practices in ways that individual organizations cannot. GOF working groups – both practical and academic – will conduct research and experiments to solve tough challenges.

What We Do

Convening: GOF brings together organizations around the world that are dedicated to supporting workers succeed in today’s technology-driven economy. Through global and regional events, those helping people to take charge of their careers – to navigate their options, learn new skills, or connect to the right opportunities – will share progress, discuss challenges, and learn from each other.

Communicating: Career-related challenges affect not only individuals, but every sector of the global economy. GOF calls attention to the effects of these challenges at all levels, while amplifying the progress being made by our members and other efforts to help workers. We provide channels for better understanding the problem and communicating solutions.

Creating and Curating: GOF promotes and contributes to evidence-based research to solve key aspects of the workforce learning challenge, including career navigation, nontraditional learners, and human skills. Working groups will form to tackle specific challenges. Through these collaborative efforts, we will curate best practices, connect organizations, and support our members to do what they know best.

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